Take out

Freshly Home cooked Food


Crunchy Bruschetta  (V) €4.95
Homemade Bread, brushed with Garlic & Olive oil, topped with mix of Fresh Tomatoes & Herbs  *

Garlic Bread * €2.95                                                        

With Cheese * €3.95
With Homemade Garlic and Herb Butter, with or without Fresh Mozzarella Cheese

Soup of the Day €3.95
Served with homemade brown bread *

Chicken Caesar Salad with bacon €5.95
Crisp Lettuce, Parmesan, Garlic Roasted Croutons and Homemade Caesar Dressing

Herb Crusted Atlantic Mussels €6.25
with garlic butter

Capones Chicken Strips €5.65 *
Served with Sweet Chilli dip

Garlic Mushrooms (V) €4.25*
Served with garlic mayonnaise

Chef’s Spicy Chicken Wings €5.85
Served with hot sauce and blue cheese dip



(All meats is 100% Fresh & Irish from Local Suppliers)

10oz Sirloin €18.95
Cooked to Your Preference and served with choice of Pepper Sauce or Garlic Butter

Cajun Chicken Fillet Burger * €10.50
Served on Toasted Open Bun with Salad, Capones sauce and chips

Grilled Supreme of Chicken €9.95                   
simple & tasty, served with mash potato or chips & White Wine and Mushroom Sauce

Chilli Chicken Pocket €10.95
Strips of Tender Chicken cooked with Onion, Bell Peppers, Chilli & Garlic served in a toasted pitta bread with Sweet Chilli and Garlic Mayo

Chicken Lyonnaise  €10.95
breaded Chicken Escalope golden fried topped with sauté onions and potatoes glazed with cheddar cheese and served in a creamy white wine mushroom sauce


Traditional Fish & Chips €9.95           
Beer Battered Fresh Cod Served with Tartar Sauce and Chips *

Blackened Salmon €11.50
Cajun coated salmon on bed of chive mash with a wedge of lime

Mussels a la Cream €11.65
In a thyme, garlic, chive, cream and white wine sauce served with homemade bread


Bolognese €9.85
mince meat in rich tomato and basil sauce  *

Carbonarra €10.25
smoked bacon in parmesan creamy sauce finished with egg  *

Chicken & Bacon Pasta €10.85
penne Florence, smoked bacon, chicken and mushrooms with a parmesan cream sauce

Fussily Ala Pesto €9.95
chicken, broccoli, spring onion, fresh chillies in creamy pesto sauce *

Penne Arrabiata (Desperado)  (V)   €8.25 *
Hot! Penne pasta with fresh chillies, garlic and tomato sauce

Capones House Pasta  €10.95
pepperoni, mushrooms, fresh chillies, spring onion in a spicy tomato sauce

Penne Salmon €11.95
chunks of Irish Salmon in herb, tomato and cream sauce

Chicken Parmesano €9.95
grilled fillet of chicken topped with mozzarella and parmesan served on a bed of spaghetti with chef’s own tomato sauce

Lasagne: €9.95
meaty Bolognese sauce between layers of pasta topped with creamy cheese served with chips

Homemade Capones Burgers all burgers served with chips and salad

Original Burger: €5.95
4 oz Irish beef with grilled onion & ketchup  *

American Classic: €7.95
6 oz Irish Beef with onion, tomato, lettuce, pickles & Capones Sauce  *

Bacon Delight: €8.65
6 oz Irish beef with bacon, cheddar, onion, tomato, lettuce & Capones Sauce *

The Chilli Burger:€8.65
6 oz Irish beef with jalapenos, cheddar, onion, tomato, lettuce & Chilli Sauce

Capones Special Burger: €12.95  
1 pound of Irish beef with double bacon, double cheddar, onion,  tomato, lettuce & Capones Sauce

Grilled Chicken Fillet Burger  €8.65
with onion, tomato, lettuce, mayonnaise or garlic sauce

Extras 0.50c: pineapple, cheese, jalapenos, pickels. €2.00 double beef, €1.00 bacon